New Castle Housing Authority - New Castle, IN 47362

Available Units - Thorncroft Apartments -



  • 2326 Grand Avenue, New Castle, IN 47362


  • The Gemini Apartments are intended to assist families (as defined in Admissions Policies). Single individuals may apply; however, all families on the waiting list must be housed before single applicants can be assisted.
  • Income limits: Household income from all sources, including actual income from assets (stocks, bonds, CDs, rental property) and “imputed” income from real estate, etc. cannot exceed the following HUD established limits:
    • 2 Person - $39,050
    • 3 Person - $43,950
    • 4 Person - $48,800
    • 5 Person - $52,750
    • 6 Person - $56,650
    • 7 Person - $60,550
    • 8 Person - $64,450
  • There are no assets limits for admission, only income limits apply. However, assets in excess of $5,000 may effect the family’s eligibility for admission if asset income (real or imputed) causes the total household income to exceed the limits above.
  • An applicant who has disposed of property or assets within the past two (2) years in order to to meet income limits is not eligible.
  • All eligible applicants are placed on a Waiting List according to the preferences established in the Housing Authority’s Admission & Continued Occupancy Policy.


  • There are a total of 56 apartments - 38 two bedroom (including 6 units adapted to be handicapped accessible); 16 three bedroom; and 2 four bedroom units.
  • Floor plans and apartment square footage vary by unit. All but the accessible units are townhouses.
  • Stove and refrigerator are furnished, and there are washer/dryer hook-ups in the apartments.
  • Apartments are carpeted and air conditioned.
  • The apartments have gas heat and cooking. All utilities (gas, electric, water/sewer) are metered to tenant.
  • Cable television is available at the tenant’s expense.


  • Rent is approximately thirty (30) percent of monthly household income, less a utility allowance based on unit size. Flat Rents are an option for qualified higher income household. Flat Rents vary by property and average amounts are:
    • 2 bedroom - $410.00
    • 3 bedroom - $557.00
    • 4 bedroom - $571.00
  • Security deposit is based on bedroom size and vary by property. Average security deposit amountss are:
    • 2 bedroom - $400.00
    • 3 bedroom - $505.00
    • 4 bedroom - $540.00
  • Rent is based on income, and rent adjustments are made annually following an annual re- examination. Rent revisions may be made between re-examinations for significant changes (increases or decreases) in income.


  • Applications are taken at the Maplewood Terrace Office, 274 South 14th Street from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily, Monday thru Friday (except holidays).
  • Income limits mean that applicants whose income exceeds the limit amounts are ineligible.
  • Application does not guarantee housing, applicants are screened for suitability before placement. See Section 4.F. of the Admission & Continued Occupancy Policy which is available for inspection in the lobby of the Main Office.
  • To be kept active, applications must be updated (renewed) at least annually.

Gemini Apartments is an Equal Housing Opportunity apartment community. Minority and disabled applicants are encouraged to apply and are assured of equal and fair treatment in all aspects of the application process.

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